I finally moved into a new house, which has been my dream. I wanted to move out a long time ago because I live in 三重 with my brother, who likes to smoke and is very lazy. Of course, I am also lazy, so our house is really dirty.


Though I want to move out, I never do because by living with my brother we can both save money. In actuality, I did not move out. I just cleaned up my house because Andy came over on today, so I had to do it.


The reason I said I moved out before was because I felt like I had really moved into a new house, since it’s very clean now. I felt great, because I worked so hard. When my brother saw, he asked me, “Who’s coming over?” I wanted to say, “The wolf.”, Haha, I was just making a joke. I like to think of myself as the boy who cried wolf.


I am really happy I cleaned up my house. I hope I can keep it clean.

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